The TAG Heuer Connected Watch Shining Black Edition is a new and stunning interpretation of the TAG Heuer Connected watch, an innovative combination of the design style, exquisite aesthetics, cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance of the TAG Heuer Connected watch since its launch in 2015. It is worth mentioning that the TAG Heuer Connected Black Edition also ushered in a new upgrade of the digital interface, providing a new version of the brand's popular dial and a new dial called "Eclipse".Replica TAG Heuer Connected

The new watch combines outstanding design and high-quality materials, and uses a classic color scheme: dazzling gold and secret and deep black. The watch is equipped with a calm ceramic bezel, a soft leather strap, a clear sapphire crystal and a new gold logo. Undoubtedly, this is a rare smart watch on the market that combines luxury style, cutting-edge technology and extraordinary performance. Cutting-edge technology and extraordinary performance are the important factors that distinguish it from similar products.

The new dial Eclipse further enriches the diversified dial lineup designed by the brand. The Eclipse dial offers four color schemes with clever highlights: blue, red, green and blue-green, and is designed for users of the third-generation TAG Heuer Connected watch. This new dial will expand the existing seven dial lineup of the TAG Heuer Connected watch, opening up unlimited possibilities for aesthetic design and personalized experience for users. Among the core products of the TAG Heuer Connected watch series, the Eclipse dial presents a fascinating silver tone, and through a personalized design, it can present a bright gold tone in the TAG Heuer Connected watch shining black version, and the eye-catching personality is vivid. Replica TAG Heuer Watches