TAG Heuer devoted himself to creating a luxury orphan chronograph for the 2021 Only Watch charity auction. The unique square case is made of carbon fiber material, conveying the pioneer of the extremely precious Monaco "Dark Lord" watch. Spirit.Replica  TAG Heuer Monaco

This watch with a carbon fiber case is a true watchmaking masterpiece. It not only inherits the watchmaking tradition of the Monaco series for more than half a century, but also incorporates the essence of the brand's 21st century watchmaking skills and innovative technology. This very special watch pays tribute to the brand's history and symbolizes TAG Heuer's unremitting pursuit of pioneering Swiss watchmaking skills.

The design of the watch clearly echoes the mythological Monaco series watch called "Dark Lord" by collectors, its model number is 74033N, and it uses a black PVD-coated case. The watch was produced in limited quantities in the mid-1970s, but it never appeared in the TAG Heuer (company name before 1985) product catalog or any of the company's advertising. Therefore, it is extremely precious and valuable today.

The eye-catching hollow dial is also made of carbon fiber, giving this watch many features. The dial is carefully crafted by TAG Heuer and the brand's long-term partner, the acclaimed dial expert ArteCad, and is carved from a single piece of carbon fiber material. By milling and drilling the basic shapes to present the structural shape of the dial, a variety of eye-catching and charming structural shapes are created, just like the pillars of a racing car straddling the front of the watch. This design cleverly echoes the TAG Heuer Sixty Over the years, it has played an indispensable role in the development of modern motorsports.

Three black galvanized copper plates are used above the carbon fiber dial to form the chronograph device and small seconds sub-dial of the watch. Inspired by the warm sun theme of the 2021 Only Watch charity auction, the orange elements make the hands stand out on the black dial, while the individually processed hour markers are covered with bright beige Super-LumiNova® fluorescent paint.

    The movement uses a unique TAG Heuer shield-shaped oscillating weight, which is not only completely finished by hand craftsmanship, but also embellished with the theme color of the 2021 Only Watch charity auction-gradual lines from orange to yellow. What is amazing is that the smooth and natural color transitions from orange to yellow are hand-painted by the dial artist and miniature artist André Martinez. André lives in Le Locle, just a few kilometers away from La Chaux-de-Fonds, the Swiss watchmaking center of TAG Heuer's headquarters.

The Swiss-made movement is a unique interpretation of the Heuer 02, exclusively for this orphan watch. The movement is not only hand-finished to show its exquisite beauty, it is also equipped with a groundbreaking carbon balance spring independently developed by the brand, which is developed by the company's famous TAG Heuer Institute. The carbon balance spring was first used in the Heuer 02 watch and was also introduced into the Monaco series for the first time. It has outstanding anti-magnetic and shock resistance, is extremely stable against temperature fluctuations, and has an exquisite geometric shape, thus achieving outstanding timekeeping. performance. http://www.affordablewatches.io/